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  1. Before your airport transfer

    How to book your transfer departing from the airport

    You can order a taxi departing from the airport at the very last minute, as soon as you have collected your luggage. With WeCab, you pay a flat rate upon booking, with no hidden extras to pay once you get into your airport taxi.

    • Book by phone at +33(0)1 41 27 66 77: One of our 270 phone operators will be on hand to guide you through booking a taxi for your desired transfer as quickly as possible.
    • Book by iPhone mobile app: A simple, streamlined interface to book your WeCab airport taxi anywhere and everywhere.
    • Book online: You can book quickly and easily via our website at www.wecab.com. An English version of the website is available for English speakers.
    • Use the simulator to input your details and get an immediate quote for your journey. Simply click on the price and follow the steps until payment.
  2. WeCab taxis available leaving from the airport

    For journeys to Paris or its neighbouring suburbs from the airport, you can choose between either a shared or private taxi. For journeys from the airport to a train station or another airport, only private taxis are available.

  3. Confirmation of your WeCab journey from the airport

    However you chose to book, 2 pieces of information are essential to ensuring your WeCab experience runs smoothly: a mobile phone number and an email address. After you order, you will be sent an order confirmation email containing your journey details and pick-up instructions. Your mobile phone number is crucial for us to be able to reach you on your pick-up day to alert you to the arrival of your taxi, or to notify you in the event of any difficulties.

  4. The day of your airport taxi departure

    Activating your transfer from the airport

    On the day on which your flight arrives at the airport, and once you have collected your luggage, simply activate your transfer and your taxi will arrive for pick-up. Use your WeCab reference number to activate your journey:

    • Through the iPhone app, providing your arrival terminal number.
    • By phone at +33(0)1 41 27 66 77.

  5. Waiting times at the airport terminal

    You will receive 2 successive text messages informing you of your exact pick-up spot as well as the type of taxi to look out for. If you have booked a shared taxi leaving from the airport, your taxi will arrive at the agreed meeting spot within 30 minutes. If you have booked a private taxi, your taxi will arrive at the agreed meeting spot within 10 minutes following activation.