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  1. Before your station transfer

    How to book your transfer departing from the station

    You can book a station taxi leaving from one of the stations served by WeCab right up until the very last minute, as soon as you collect your luggage. With WeCab, all fares are paid in advance, with no hidden extras to be paid once you step into your taxi. Booking a WeCab station taxi is easy:

    • Go online: Log on to www.wecab.com and book a trip leaving from a Paris station in a matter of clicks. Simply enter the required fields into the fare simulator and get a quote. Once you provide your departure station and destination, follow the steps to payment.
    • Call +33(0)1 41 27 66 77 and speak to one of our phone operators. Our operators are on hand to lead you step-by-step through the booking process for your station transfer.
    • Use the iPhone mobile app: Thanks to our clear and simple interface, you can book a single or return journey leaving from any of the stations.

  2. WeCab taxis available leaving from the station

    For journeys from one of the stations to Paris or its neighbouring suburbs, you can choose between either a shared or private taxi. For journeys from the station to an airport or another station, only private taxis are available.

  3. Confirmation of your WeCab journey from the station

    Once you have paid for your ride, you will receive an order confirmation email straight to your inbox, containing a summary of your journey details as well as instructions to follow on pick-up day. You'll receive a second email the day before your departure reminding you of your station transfer details. If you would like to alter some elements of your journey prior to your trip, head over to the order change and cancellation conditions page.

  4. The day of your airport taxi departure

    Activating your transfer at the station

    On the day on which your train arrives and as soon as you have collected all your luggage, you can activate your journey and head to the meeting spot. Your WeCab reference number and your email address will allow you to activate your journey:

    • Via the iOS Apple app using the 'activate my trip' button on the welcome screen.
    • By phone at +33(0)1 41 27 66 77.

  5. Waiting times upon exiting the station

    You will receive 2 text messages to your mobile phone informing you of your taxi's arrival time as well as the vehicle type to look out for. If you have selected a shared taxi, your taxi will arrive within 30 minutes of activation, with private taxis arriving in just 10 minutes. Meeting spots where you should wait for your taxi will be indicated via text message. You can also find them in our Areas served section.