1. Before your transfer

    As soon as payment has been processed, you will be redirected to an order summary page containing all of your details: departure and arrival points, number of passengers, order reference number, pick-up instructions, etc. This summary contains all information related to the order, both with respect to the journey itself and payment. You will be sent this same information by email. If you do not receive this information, drop us a line at and our customer service team will resend the email.

  2. WeCab taxis available leaving from the station

    For journeys from one of the stations to Paris or its neighbouring suburbs, you can choose between either a shared or private taxi. For journeys from the station to an airport or another station, only private taxis are available.

  3. On the day of your WeCab transfer

    On the day of your journey, we will send you text messages to ensure a smooth, quick pick-up.

    • The 1st text displays your taxi pick-up time and place, whether at a specific given address or a meeting spot if you are departing from a station or airport.
    • The 2nd text displays the vehicle type along with colour and brand for you to be able to identify your G7 car.
    If you are leaving from an airport or station you will receive these text messages once you have activated your journey. Please take care to enter the right mobile number. If you cannot find your taxi, our teams are on hand to help you out by calling +33(0) 1 41 27 66 77.

  4. After your WeCab transfer

    A few hours after your trip, you will receive an email containing your invoice along with a breakdown of services provided and the rate. Please note that in the event of a return journey, you will receive a single invoice. This invoice will be sent 2 hours following your return journey. If you have a comment to make regarding your journey, you can contact us at