1. Affiliation

    Receive sales commission via your website.

    1. Promote WeCab using your tools (home page, partner page, emails, banners, etc.). We can provide you with any design materials you might need.
    2. By clicking on the link, clients are redirected to our website. Clients are therefore recorded as having been redirected from your site for 30 days following the initial click.
    3. The client books with WeCab. You receive commission on the sale.
    4. We will provide you with dedicated Google Analytics access to allow you to track the number of visits and sales generated by you.

  2. Distribution

    This process is simple and straight-forward and ensures you receive commission on transfers.

    1. You integrate the WeCab transfer service directly into your product.
    2. You collect the amount for the transfer. You order directly for your client on the website using a dedicated code that allows you to skip the payment page.
    3. At the end of the month, we will send you an invoice for the journeys made, subtracting your commission from the amount due.

  3. Clients deals

    This is another type of partnership profile based on discount codes. This is a great deal for your clients or employees.

    1. You give your client a WeCab discount code for X% off.
    2. The client goes to our website and makes a booking at a reduced rate using the discount code.